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The Sound of White Privilege

Along with Blue Scholars, Macklemore is representative of a growing Seattle-based hip hop scene that frequently pays tribute to the 206. This track is from his first official album in 2005, and I think it captures some of the unspoken racial politics in hip hop. As the song notes all too well, the white appropriation … Continue reading

The City of God

In Saint Augustine‘s classic treatise The City of God, the Bishop of Hippo contrasts the paganism of the earthly city with the spiritual reality of the heavenly city in the wake of Rome’s shocking collapse. While Augustine’s defense of Christianity was a crucial apologetic for the church in a time of uncertainty, one of the … Continue reading

Last Train Home

I must be getting “old,” because I just really enjoy watching PBS, especially shows like POV. Unlike the vast majority of the drivel that passes as “television programming” today, POV highlights significant, often award-winning documentaries that broaden your horizons in a fast-changing world. I was fortunate to recently catch this film, Last Train Home, and … Continue reading

And so it begins… again.

In March of 2008, I began my first quarter of teaching at SPU as a young, inexperienced adjunct instructor and Ph.D. candidate juggling a family, a career in transition, and a yet-to-be-written dissertation. As I look back over the past few years, it’s hard for me to believe how quickly things have progressed on all … Continue reading

The Urban Classroom

Tomorrow marks the beginning of my third attempt at an “urban immersion intensive” course for Seattle Pacific Seminary‘s new incoming class. I’m excited and also tentative as I prepare to introduce these fresh theology students to the importance of critical missiological reflection in the city. The excitement comes from the privilege of being an odd … Continue reading

Megachurch Mobsters

I was skimming the comments on this article¬†and found this to be an interesting sentiment: “megachurches are like the mobsters of organized religion.” You could, of course, write this off as yet another example of how internet anonymity facilitates the usual lobbing of caustic one-liners (always conveniently packaged in 140 characters or less) into cyberspace, … Continue reading

Dear Micah

Dear Baby Micah, It’s already been five weeks since you arrived and you seem to be adapting quite well to life outside the womb. I think you’ve figured us out for the most part, and for now, we’re in a pretty good rhythm. Mama feeds you, you sleep and poop, I change your diaper, and … Continue reading


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